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Bread, Day 3

Breakfast anyone? I toasted up a piece of the homemade bread from yesterday and slathered it will a little butter and some strawberry preserves. It was awesome! And yes, I did use two knives, I don’t like jelly in my … Continue reading

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Bread, Day 2

Day 2 of bread/yeast making…           Wow! The Artisan bread really grew over night in the refrigerator. The book says that it’s enough dough to make four 1-lb loaves and it can stay in the fridge for 14 days. I guess … Continue reading

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Pecans, yeast & pantry

Last week when I was running around town trying to find the Costco that carried Augason Farms milk, I purchased a few things. Do you remember the pecans and yeast?      Here they are vacuum packed. Now don’t misunderstand, these … Continue reading

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