Milk & Butter to Nuts

Day 1

Today was not a total bust but it didn’t go as planned. I had decided to just jump right in and see if I could make one of our quick & easy dinners (tuna casserole) with nothing but pantry staples. The only items I would need to find substitutes for were milk and butter. I had done some research yesterday and found a place that carries instant milk and butter powder that I could test in the recipe. (I’ll do an in depth post on Augason Farms later.) The other ingredients needed (tuna, sweet peas, and boxed mac & cheese) are already stocked in our pantry.

I drove to the other side of town in search of the substitutes only to discover that I’d read the map wrong and the “cross-town” Costco didn’t carry the items. I should have gone to the Costco where we normally shop. It, of course, is only 10 miles from our house. 

However, while at the “cross-town” Costco, I did pick up some things for the pantry (2 bottles of grape juice, 1 pkg pecans, 15 boxes Mac & Cheese.) I know we’ll be using these items in our 12-month menu and I’ll talk about them in later post.

I also went to Walmart in search of some canning supplies that I plan on using with our vacuum sealer to put up the nuts I have on hand. While I was there I spied the Upsy Downsy Hanging Tomato Garden. Couldn’t resist, had to get it. 🙂

So I guess my next step is to see if they have the milk and butter substitutes at our Costco on Sunday after church. I’m almost positive they have the milk, but not sure about the butter. We may have to travel to Cedar City, UT to pick them up or place an order online.

Tomorrow I will spend some time explaining some of the things I’ve researched and what I plan to do from here. It will be a lot of information so stay tuned!

Did you know that the word journey occurs 71 times in 66 verses in the NKJV?

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