Pecans, yeast & pantry

Last week when I was running around town trying to find the Costco that carried Augason Farms milk, I purchased a few things.

Do you remember the pecans and yeast?

Here they are vacuum packed. Now don’t misunderstand, these are not preserved via the pressure canning method. They are simply packed using a vacuum sealer. I discovered that mine came with an accessory that can be used to vacuum seal wide mouth mason jars. See the white cap looking thingy and the hose attached to it? You simple put a metal lid on the jar, put the white cap over the top of the jar, hit the button and the sealer starts making a noise. When the noise is done, the jar is sealed! I think I’m going to start storing all my dry goods this way. Since there is only two of us in the house, certain things can go stale before we eat them. This will be a nice way to keep our money in our tummies, instead of in trash.

I’ve read that lots of things can be stored this way to extend their life: nuts, yeast, chocolate chips, flour, sugar, brown sugar, salt, crackers, and popcorn. (Wait until you see what it does to marshmallows! I’ll do a video on that one day.) When vacuum sealing light powdery items, I read that it’s best to put a piece of paper towel over the item before sealing it. The powdery stuff can clog up the works of the sealer, hose and attachment.

If you go back and take a closer look at the picture of the packaged yeast, you’ll notice it’s in a different type of container. It’s actually a container that can be purchased from the FoodSaver website. They have several different sizes and I think I have them all. I never used them for vacuum sealing, but that will be changing.

Now, on to the pantry part of this post. I mentioned on the About Me page, that we have very limited food already stored.

Here is my “limited” food storage:


Plus four more cases of water in hubby’s closet….

Okay, don’t laugh when I call it limited. We started buying extra cans of food and water a few months ago and I guess I didn’t realize how fast it can build up. And you can’t even see the other items behind the baskets of food in the front.

Soon I’m going to inventory what we have on hand. I’m an avid spreadsheet user and can’t wait to put a worksheet together to track what’s in inventory, what’s been used, what needs to be replaced and most of all what needs to be purchased.

Can you name a nut that is mentioned in the Bible? Hint: Genesis 43:11

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