We’ve gone on a few shopping trips over the past few days…

On Friday afternoon, after having lunch with a friend, I stopped by a thrift store hoping I could find some canning jars. Nope… not a one. But I did find these cute little clay pots. I thought it would be nice to plant herbs in them to use in cooking. I think they might be too small, but we’ll see.

I had cilantro, chives, basil and oregano. I didn’t realize that oregano seeds are so small. I could barely see them in the package.

A sidenote here… because we live in the desert, we’ve had solar screens installed on our windows. So I can’t really grow any plants in the house. But I did discover, through a YouTube video, that I can use an Ott lite on a timer for “sun”. We’ll have to see if it really works. And I’ll know if it works if the seeds sprout, because no other plant has ever survived in our house. Oh, and I also planted some of the tomato seeds that came with the Upsy Dowsy planter.

On Friday, I went in search of canning supplies at ACE Hardware. I found a few things, but what I really wanted was a pressure canner and they didn’t have it. I did purchase a case of 1/2 gallon mason jars that I will use to vacuum seal nuts. The case of 1/2 pint jars will be used for canned butter. I also purchased a canning kit along with a smaller sized black roasting pan. I think it will be a perfect size to fit in a sun oven. The last item I got was a small container of Osmocote that I’ll be using when I get the veggie garden started. Our soil in the desert needs all the help it can get.

One of my Facebook friends, sent me a message that my favorite Costco had a display of Augason Farms products. After bible study on Friday night, Joel took me there to see the display. We picked up a can of freeze-dried strawberries. Can’t wait to try those out! (Thanks for the heads up Kathy!) Also saw something new… a Gamma Vault. Apparently the seal on this little baby is airtight. I first heard about these in a comment from a reader in a previous post. We picked one up to give it a try for our rice. I was originally going to use a small metal garbage can, but I think this will work much better. And they are also stackable, which is nice.

This morning I went by Bed Bath & Beyond trying to find a pressure canner, again no luck! But I did pick up a roll of parchment paper which I’ll need to can bacon.

This afternoon, Joel and I went in search of a canner at Wal-Mart. (We found out they are only available online.) On our way out of the store we picked up a couple of cases of wide-mouth pint jars and a cordless kettle. I’ll be using the jars for bacon and chicken breast. The kettle could come in handy during the last six-month of the journey when we won’t be using any kitchen appliances for cooking. I’m going to do some research on other uses for an electric kettle. I’ve always wanted one because I drink a lot of hot tea during the winter.

Our last stop today was Bass Pro Shop. Joel has been wanting to take me there for a long time… and WOW, ff you’ve never been to the one in Las Vegas, you need to stop by there if you ever get a chance. It’s a two-story mega store. It has a department for every outdoorsy activity including, fishing, smoking food, hunting, boating, camping… really an incredible place to visit.

“For the earth which drinks in the rain that often comes upon it,
and bears herbs useful for those by whom it is cultivated,
receives blessing from God;”

Hebrews 6:7 NKJV


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