Shopping… again!

I know a big part of the first few weeks of my food storage journey would be shopping. I think today and yesterday will be the end of it for a while, except for food. And eventually I’d like to get a spreadsheet together to show how much I’ve spent and what I’ve bought. I’ll separate into two lists: supplies and water. I’d think it will be interesting to see how much I’ve spent during this journey.

What did we buy and where did we buy it? After church this morning we headed across the street to K-Mart. I was hoping they would have canning jars, but they don’t carry them. We did pickup some more cooking pots for use with the sun oven. The Graniteware oval roaster on the bottom left is about half the size of the one I bought on Friday at ACE. Next to the roaster is a set of two Graniteware pots (1-qt and 2 qt). I wanted something small that I could use on our single burner attached to our propane BBQ. These will be perfect.

After K-Mart, we walked a few doors down to Big Lots. No canning jars there either. While we were walking down the food aisle, Joel found tomato soup. They were the normal 10-3/4 oz size for 80 cents each. We put six in the cart and then Joel found the 15.2 oz for 90 cents. These are a great size for Hamburger Pie so we put the others back and picked up eight cans of the larger size. The expiration date is 12/12/12 (wow, what a weird date!)

At the end of that aisle we found 14.75 oz cans of Pink Salmon…. but wait… are you ready for this? The expiration date is 06/2016!!!! We only bought two cans and now I’m thinking maybe we should have bought a few more. (Side notes: 1) I really need to get my pantry inventory done so that I know what the heck I have and when it expires. 2) I need to find a recipe that uses canned salmon. Does anyone have a one?)

As we were leaving Big Logs, I noticed cases of water. I checked the price because I knew Joel was going to Smith’s later to get four cases of bottles for $10. Whoa! They had cases of six 1-gallon jugs for $6! That would be more water for less money than the bottles. We (I mean hubby) picked up two cases to add 12 gallons of water to our pantry (well, actually to add to hubby’s closet). The expiration date on some of the cases was sometime in 2012, but the two we bought actually had an expiration date of 02/09/13… that’s just 2 months shy of two years!

That’s not all I have to blog about today. Check out my next post about yummy Pita & Tuna sandwiches…

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“Then God opened her eyes, and she saw a well of water. And she went and filled the skin with water, and gave the lad a drink.” – Genesis 21:19 NKJV

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