Bottled Butter, The Next Day

I checked the nine 1/2 pint jars of butter that were bottled yesterday. They had been sitting on the counter overnight.  It was exciting to see that they had solidified! As I took a closer look at the jars, I realized that maybe they wouldn’t be as bad as I originally thought.

The scorched butter on the bottom of each bottle wasn’t that dark. I knew I’d have to open one and try it to see if I needed to toss the whole lot, or if I could keep them.

I could see that the little “button” on top of each jar was still inverted. That’s a good thing considering I remembered last night that I forgot to wipe the rims of the last five jars (argh!). I’m sure that’s a mistake that all beginners make. 🙂 Can you see the little “button” in the middle of the jar’s lid? Click the picture to get a better look. Can you see that it’s still inverted?  You can also tell if a jar is still sealed by pressing the lid. If it has any give, it needs to be used right away and can’t be stored in the pantry.

After I popped the lid on one of the jars, I smelled it. Wow, sweet rich butter! Not as “clean” as normal butter, but I bet that’s the contribution of the scorched butter pieces on the bottom of the jar. I tasted it… hmmm, it tastes like butter, but a little grainy. I think that’s because it cooked too long. I’ve read that if you put it through a pressure canner after bottling, it becomes grainy.

I toasted a piece of wheat bread to give it another taste test. Funny thing… I thought I read that it wouldn’t melt again, but it did. Yummo!!!! I’ll tell you, in an emergency situation, this would definitely work for me on toast, pancakes, and corn-on-the-cob!

If I hadn’t had butter for a while and I received a jar of this, it would be awesome! I’m going to try it on baked flour tortillas with cinnamon/sugar topping. That’s a yummy item I’ll might have to add to my dessert list!

These little babies are now labeled and being stored in a box. I’ll try to open one every couple of weeks to see how they taste and smell. I will definitely be bottling some more so I can have it during our mock disaster.

As I was doing my research on bottling butter, I see that there are two methods. One skims the foam and another doesn’t, but instead leaves it in and shakes the jars. I guess I’ll have to try the other method too to see which I like best. Seems like the jar shaking would take more time but not waste as much butter. I’ll let you know if I try the jar-shaking method.

Caution: I do have to state here that there is some controversy on the internet about whether or not it’s a good idea to bottle (can) butter. After everything I’ve read, I’ve decided that I’m not concerned and I’ll continue to bottle butter at home. Before you try it yourself, make sure you do your research so you’re well-informed on the subject. There is a canned butter product on the internet that you can purchase for your pantry. And wow is it pricey, over $5 a can and that doesn’t include shipping!

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“Does not the ear test words And the mouth taste its food?” – Job 12:11 NKJV

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