A Day of Deliveries

Earlier today the door bell rang. As I walked to the door, I could see the postal truck was in front of my house, and then I saw the package on the front porch!

It was the second shipment of my order from Amazon. I love getting packages in the mail. I wish it didn’t cost money to get them ūüôā I’d order more… LOL! So now I have a brand new Kitchen Plus, a book to start reading and an extra rack for the pressure canner THAT HASN’T ARRIVED YET!!! (It should have been here yesterday… I’m not a patient person.)

I took the box with the new Kitchen Plus to the kitchen to compare its parts with the old one that I have. Okay, looking at the picture now¬†I feel like I’m starting to hoard… do I really need all those duplicate pieces… NO! But it’s so hard to throw them away.¬†I just need to DO IT, to toss the¬†duplicates. As a matter of fact, I actually have three of the whipping blades. Sheezzz, get a life, Grammy Tammi, just toss ’em! Or maybe I could give a complete set to the thrift store. It seems a shame¬†to just throw them away. That’s what I’ll do, I’ll donate the extras to the thrift store.

Okay now back to reality… I flipped through the “dummies” book. I could have spent the whole day reading the book but I had work upstairs to do. I had been asked to make a stretcher for Jesus for the church Easter play. I needed to get that finished before tomorrow’s practice. I could “play” with my new toys later.

I had just finished the stretcher when the door bell rang again!! Could it be? Could it be the man-in-brown? With my new 23 quart Presto Pressure Canner? As I opened the door, what did I see?

The smile on the box made me smile!

It's so pretty and shiny and BIG!

But I must admit… now that I have it… I’m terrified!!! I’ve never had a pressure canner and I’ve never used one before. It’s very intimidating. I think I know exactly how Noreen felt in her video… it’s a monster and it knows I’m afraid of it!!! LOL!

So I’ll wait until Sunday, when hubby is free. He can help me figure out this beast. In the meantime, I’ll read the books and crochet some more gifts of potholders¬†and dishrags.

Oh wait, before I go, I have one last thing I haven’t told you about yet! My hubby surprised me with a gift last night. Something we’re going to¬†use not only¬†during our mock-disaster, but also during the summer months here in the desert… a Sun Oven. He picked it up at Vegas Trailer¬†Supply.


There will be plenty¬†of posts in the future on how I use this wonderful oven. I’ve already purchased a couple of pieces of Graniteware to use in it. And I’ll start using it just as soon as I get all the blue tape off the reflectors (see middle picture). I started doing it but it’s a little difficult so I’ll leave it to hubby. ūüôā

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <><
Jesus answered and said to her, “If you knew the gift of God, and who it is who says to you, ‘Give Me a drink,’ you would have asked Him, and He would have given you living water.” – John 4:10 NKJV

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One Response to A Day of Deliveries

  1. Kathy says:

    Very cool items!! How fun!!
    Back in time!

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