Vegetable Seeds and an Ott Lite

One of my joys in life is to see tiny seeds turn into little sprouts and then mature plants. Watching a plant seed grow is exciting! Everyday something new happens and it looks so different from the day before.

Recently, I wrote a few paragraphs in another post about trying to start seeds with an Ott Lite. Yesterday, my experiment proved to work and we have “sprouts”! See for yourself by click on the three pictures below to see my little sprouts.

tomato sprout

basil sprouts

chive sprouts

Okay, you want to know what is really AMAZING about this experiment???  The AMAZING thing is the herb seeds are from 2006! I wasn’t really expecting anything to sprout from these seeds, but what do you know, they did. I have quite a few packs of seeds that are 2006 or later. I was going to toss them, but now I think I’ll keep them to see what I can get to grow. Should be another interesting experiment. Maybe they last longer here because it’s so dry. Not sure, but I’m delighted to know that I might not have to waste them.

Knowing that the seed packets I had on hand were old, and before the ones I’d planted had sprouted, I picked up some new ones that were on sale (40% off) at K-Mart. I wish I’d had more money, I would have bought 10 or 20 more packs because the price was so good. The seeds I got were lettuce, corn, carrot, radish, zucchini, beans, bell peppers and radish.

I really need to get into the garden and get the beds ready and plant some beans. But the weather has been so windy. So windy in fact that I thought for sure that the grape trellises would blow down. They’ve been there for over five years and they aren’t made that well. But they are hanging in there and so are the grape vines. Maybe next week I can find some time, and a windy-free day.

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“It is like a mustard seed which, when it is sown on the ground, is smaller than all the seeds on earth;” – Mark 4:31 NKJV

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