Augason Farms Order

Last week on the 11th, I was in the middle of writing a post and the door bell rang. It was the man-in-brown delivering my first Augason Farms order. I wanted to give you an update on that order.

We purchased two #10 cans: instant milk and honey cornbread mix. And four #2 cans: powdered milk, chili mix, butter powder, whole egg powder.

As soon as I got the box opened and the contents removed (they came packed with a lot of strofoam peanuts), I used my favorite can opener to open the instant milk. I had to make some right away because I wanted to know if it tasted as good as the reviews stated it would. And I wanted to get it chilled before hubby came home so he could taste it too.

Yep, the reviews were right! It was very tasty (see my empty glass!) It does have a little bit of a different taste than 2% milk out of the jug from the store, but I like it! This will definitely be making a presence in our food storage. We won’t drink it on a regular basis because it is pretty pricey but we will rotate the cans and use them before they expire. The can states that unopened they can be stored for 10 years, opened 1 year. But in this hot climate, I’m thinking I won’t push it over 2 years unopened.

Did you notice that I had to mix it in a thermos? That’s because I only have 1/2 gallon pitchers in my house. How that happened I’ll never know. But while I was at the thrift store on Monday, I found the perfect 2 quart pitcher ($1.99). I don’t know if you can tell from the picture (below), but it has a mixing blade inserted in the top. I think it will do a great job on mixing up the instant milk.

You’ll also see that I found another mason jar (.89 cents), and a measuring cup for separately fat from liquid (.69 cents) and two small bowls (.49 cents each). I have a thing for little bowls… I use them to keep food separate on my plate… yep, I’m one of those, I don’t like wet food on my plate touching dry food… LOL! Little bowls like this are perfect and since it’s only hubby and I, two was the perfect number. 🙂

You might also notice those rascally little stickers on the bottom of all the items. Yes, they are the ones that don’t come off easy… my trick… use a little olive oil and your finger and they will come off a lot easier and won’t leave that sticky residue!

Tonight I made another batch of flour tortillas, I’ll be using them the next few days for different meals. And one of them will include some of our canned cooked ground beef. See you tomorrow.

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“It cannot be purchased for gold, Nor can silver be weighed [for] its price.”
– Job 28:15 NKJV

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