Strawberries and All-Purpose Flour

What do strawberries and all-purpose flour have in common? Probably nothing other than dessert recipes. But in my food storage world, what they have in common is that it’s the two things I got to work on after being gone from my blog for a week!

This morning I picked five strawberries from my two little plants that I planted around April 14th. Joel and I ate them after bible study tonight. They were small but flavorful. I need to get some more plants!

After picking the strawberries this morning, I decided I wanted to open the freeze-dried strawberries from our first Augason Farms order. It’s a little miss leading when you pick up the can, it’s very light. When I opened it, I saw lots of small strawberries. I ate one before rehydrating it and they kind of melt in your mouth. They remind me of the berries in boxed cereal.

The directions on the can state to put 1/2 cup strawberries into 1 cup of warm water for 5 minutes to hydrate. (I also noticed a recipe for strawberry jam on the back, I’ll have to try it.) I didn’t measure 1/2 cup of the strawberries, I just put some in a small bowl and added some warm water. Then I set a timer for 5 minutes.

After draining the water, they looked liked fresh picked strawberries! I tasted one… it was sweeter than I expected and had the consistency of thawed frozen strawberries. But they seemed a little hard in the middle so I think I need warmer water or a longer hydration time.

To tell you the truth, I really like them right out of the can before hydrating. And I think they’ll make a good jam, but I don’t think I’d just eat them plain after hydrating them. 🙂 We will definitely be buying more of these. And after opening the can they will last for one full year. That’s what I call food storage!

Now on to strawberries companion for the day….. flour.

Yesterday, I went to Costco to buy mushrooms for stuffed mushrooms I decided to make for the cast pot luck dinner at church. While I was there, I went ahead and did our grocery shopping (and I started another new project that I’ll tell you about tomorrow!) I finished the shopping, unloaded the basket and realized I’d completely forgotten the mushrooms… argh… have you ever done that before? So back to the store I went to get the mushrooms.

During the first trip into the store, I bought a 25-lb bag of all-purpose flour. And I decided to buy another Gamma Vault for storage of the flour. I had another four 5-lb bags of flour at home and nowhere to store it. So tonight, Joel helped me put all 45 lbs into the Gamma Vault. Looking at the picture you’ll see that it will still hold much more flour.

We did learn a lesson… it’s a lot easier to fill it if you turn it upright than filling it in this position…. gravity works better going down than sideways… LOL!

That’s it for now… but here are some topics that I’ll be blogging about soon:
Costco versus coupon shopping
making homemade yogurt in a crockpot
canning breakfast sausage
using my canned chicken in a recipe
baking bread in my new Sun Oven
… and whatever happened to the sourdough starter that I blogged about here, here and here….

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <><
Did you know that the word “flour” occurs 64 times in 63 verses in the NKJV!

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One Response to Strawberries and All-Purpose Flour

  1. Kathy says:

    Love this article, definitely have to try a can of those soon!

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