Cod & Baked Potato Sun Oven Dinner

Yesterday afternoon I posted a preview picture on Facebook of the cod and baked potato dinner that I was cooking in the Sun Oven. It came out wonderful and didn’t take much time at all, and I didn’t use any household energy to prepare the meal, just the rays of the sun!!!

After church I came home and opened the Sun Oven to get it “pre-heated”. I took about 20 minutes for it to reach 350 degrees. It may have taken less time, but I was busy cutting coupons and didn’t realize how much time had passed.

I opened a bottle of teriyaki glaze and poured 1 cup into the bottom of my small Granite Ware roasting pan. Then I opened the fish pouches and placed the still frozen fillets on top of the glaze. Put the lid on the pot and placed three freshly washed potatoes on top of the lid. And then put the pot with the potatoes onto the self leveling tray in the Sun Oven.

According to the package directions for the cod, it needs to reach an internal temperature of 145 degrees to be cooked. On the Sun Oven blog post about baked potatoes, I read that they should be done in about an hour. So I decided I’d check them in an hour. And once again the coupon clipping distracted me and I didn’t get to them until about 85 mins later.

But the Sun Oven claims are true… nothing burned or scorched! And they say you can tell when something is done cooking by the steam on the glass window to the oven. You can see clearly in this picture that steam has developed. And I’ll tell you again, it is HOT inside this oven. You need to use hot pads just like you do in a normal kitchen oven!

According to my pocket thermometer, the cod’s internal temperature had reached 160 degrees (it was a tad over done). And the potatoes should have been cooked a little longer for my taste. I didn’t test them with the thermometer, but I will next time out of curiosity. I’ll also put the potatoes in first and then add the cod about 30 minutes later.

If you have any questions about this cooking experiment, please feel free to use the comments box below.

***** A note about acronyms and terms I’ll be using in future posts*****
I’m going to be using some new terms in future posts. You can also find definitions for these terms and others on the new Acronyms page.

WROL – without regular ordinary life. A period of time where food, water, utilities and fuel are not regularly available. This may be after a natural disaster, economic collapse or terrorist attack. It can also happen to a lesser degree after the job loss of the head of household.

Prepping –  Preparing in advance of, or prior to, any change in normal circumstances or lifestyle without significant reliance on other persons (i.e., being self-reliant), or without substantial assistance from outside resources (govt., etc.) in order to minimize the effects of that change on their current lifestyle. (Source: American Preppers Network)

P-WROL – prepping for WROL. Our six month period of researching, preparing and purchasing items that will be needed during a WROL.

TF-WROL – a test scenario of WROL that only involves the food storage we have obtained during P-WROL. Water for cooking and kitchen appliance usage will also be limited during this period. All other parts of our normal life with continue as usual including bathing & washing.

***** Another Note *****
This post was about cooking frozen fish and was just an experiment to become more familiar with the Sun Oven. We won’t have any frozen fish during TF-WROL. We might have fresh fish if I can get hubby to take me out to the lake to catch it! 🙂 He likes fresh fish, so I might not have to motivate him too much.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <><
“And it came to pass, when the sun went down and it was dark, that behold, there appeared a smoking oven and a burning torch that passed between those pieces.” – Genesis 15:17 NKJV

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