Food Storage Purchases

Yesterday was a food storage shopping day. Joel and I headed out early for St. George, UT. Our plan was to go to Walmart and pick up some food storage and head back to Las Vegas for early dinner with our friends the Daniel & Bernice.

Before we could get to Walmart, we had to travel almost 2 hours, take exit 4 and manuever a roundabout. I don’t like roundabouts, especially when you’re in the wrong “lane” and miss your “turn”.

Which is exactly what we did! So we had to go up the road, find a place to turnaround and try to navigate the roundabout again so that we could go north on Pioneer.

After all the u-turns, turnarounds and roundabouts, we did finally make it to Walmart. Whew… now I could do some shopping! We parked, I took a pic of the Walmart sign, we walked in, grabbed a cart and headed for the food storage section of the store. About five or six aisles from the front of the store, we found it. There was, as we had been told, a good assortment of Augason Farms foods. I pulled out my shopping list and starting finding and placing items in our cart. That’s when we met a very nice and woman named Barbara. She was a customer who happened to stop to talk to us about food storage. She told us about a local store that carried food storage. She said that she’d done testing for pricing and quality and found they were the best in the area. I was happy that we ran into her because said a prayer the night before asking the Lord to help me spend our money wisely.

After a very nice conversation with Barbara, we decided that we’d take a run over to the local store to see what they had to offer. So we reshelved most of the items we’d placed in our cart except for the Country Fresh instant milk, vital wheat gluten and a 7.5 qt Granite Ware stockpot.  And of course, a #10 can of Morning Moos chocolate milk that Joel wanted to try…. and a bag of charcoal briquets that we’d placed in our cart as we walked in the door. On our way to check out, we saw Barbara again who let us know that white vinegar was on sale for 50 cents a bottle! She pointed us towards the display and we headed there to put a case (12 bottles) of vinegar into the cart. (Thank you so much Barbara for taking the time to stop and talk with us about food storage and give us the tip on the local store called “Your Family Still Matters.”) 

After we checked out, we loaded the car, and nervously navigated the “roundabout” again to get back on the freeway to head towards the next exit. We exited and turned left and I started to look for Albertson’s that Barbara told us was across the street from the food storage place. She told us that we would know we found it when we saw a sign that says, “Paintball, Food Storage & Violins.” I laughed at that, and wondered what we’d really find when we got there, but it was worth a try.

It did take a little bit of time to get there because we didn’t see the Albertson’s and passed right by it. We drove a little way until we reached traffic from the local Ironman race. So we decided to pull over into a parking lot to call 411 to get an address before we trekked too much further into the traffic jam. When we called, I accidentally asked for the address for “Your Family Still Counts” and I should have asked for “Your Family Still Matters“. Typical for me to mix up a name even after writing it down! Of course the operator told us there was no such listing. So we asked her for the address of Albertson’s instead. She gave us the address, we punched it into the GPS and started following its directions… of course that was after we made a u-turn because we were headed the wrong direction… LOL!

We finally arrived and sure enough, the name of the sign above the store read, “Paintball, Food Storage & Violins.” And as soon as we pulled up, Joel noticed a stack of Sun Ovens in front of the store. I couldn’t wait to get in and see all they had to offer. But before I could even get in the front door I noticed the rocket stoves on the ground in front of the Sun Oven boxes. This was another item that Barbara told us that we should check out while we were at Your Family Still Matters (YFSM).

As we were looking at the Sun Tec rocket stoves, we met Brad one of the sales people from the store. We started talking to him about the Sun Ovens and he said that he was actually cooking his lunch in the bed of his truck. I had to snap a pic of Brad and his Sun Oven. What a great idea, bring your Sun Oven to work and make a hot lunch! (You’ll get to see a picture of what he was cooking later in this post….) And I wish we’d know about this store before we bought our oven, because it was $30 cheaper here!!!

After a few minutes of chatting about all kinds of food storage topics, Brad showed us into the store and I was very pleasantly surprised at how much food storage they had stocked on the shelves… and to tell you the truth I didn’t even notice the violins or paintball supplies until we checked out about an hour later. LOL! 🙂

Brad was so helpful and immediately handed us a list of prices for food storage items they had in stock. I really liked the idea of the list with prices. I could take it home and call ahead for our next order and know exactly how much we’d be spending, and our order would be pulled and ready for us when we arrived… now that’s what I call service! I started looking over the list and realized that they had ALL the items I’d been looking for in one store, including freeze-dried cheese that I’d been wanting to try. They also had sample cans of every product they sold. Joel and I were able to sample the difference between freeze-dried and dehydrated bananas (and believe me there is a difference).  We also were able to sample freeze-dried sliced strawberries and asparagus. And if I wanted to see what a product looked like, he’d open the sample can for me. (Which was helpful when it came to the green beans… you’ll understand what I mean, when I blog about them later.) I believe that YFSM is a wonderful place to purchase food storage, get great information and make some new friends! If you live in Las Vegas and want to purchase food storage (or check out some violins & paintball equipment 🙂 ), take a drive to St. George and visit the owner Shane and his very friendly & extremely helpful employees at:

Your Family Still Matters
175 W. 900 S. #14
St. George, UT 84770
(435) 628-7042

Oh, and before we left… Brad gave us a peek at his lunch made from food storage!
It looked and smelled so good, that I added a can of sliced potatoes to our order. I’m going to try to make some scalloped potatoes in the Sun Oven.

Here is a list of the items we purchased at YFSM:

  1. potato slices
  2. potato flakes
  3. green beans
  4. freeze-dried cauliflower
  5. small red beans
  6. small white beans
  7. carrot dices
  8. red & green diced peppers
  9. quick oats
  10. freeze-dried strawberry slices
  11. freeze-dried banana slices
  12. chopped onions

We also bought a Stove Tec biomass cook stove, a #10 can of non-hybrid seeds, and a case (12 count) of 48-72 hour emergency candles. I really wanted to buy a 50 lb bag hard white wheat and a grain mill, but those purchases would have to wait for the next trip. I’m excited to get started testing and blogging about all of these products. 🙂

Before we left St. George, we needed to get back on the freeway, take the #4 exit again, and navigate the dreaded roundabout for a third time to go back to Walmart for whole wheat flour, and powdered milk. Since we didn’t get the wheat and the grinder at YFSM, I had to get flour so I could continue my bread baking experiments/practice. I was very happily surprised when I noticed that Walmart had whole wheat flour from Wheat Montana!!! I had to text our friends in Montana to tell them about my purchase! We’ll be heading to Montana in July and I think we’ll need to pick up some bags while we’re there. (And, I discovered today, to my surprise, that our local Walmart Neighborhood Market ALSO has Wheat Montana products!)

We had one last confrontation with the roundabout… or so I thought… we were in the wrong “lane” again and ended up going south on Pioneer instead of entering the freeway… argh! Another u-turn, another trip in the roundabout, and woohoo… we’re out and on the freeway again headed home!

Here is a picture of our purchases for the day…

I have a lot of work ahead of me in testing and beginning the process of rotating these items into my current meal planning and during our TF-WROL. I can assure you my future blog posts will be chocked full of pictures and useful information!

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Did you know that the word “prayer” occurs 113 times in 106 verses in the NKJV!
Take my challenge… use the comments below
to list your favorite verse that contains the word “prayer”.
Let’s see how many we can list!

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  1. GrammyTammi says:

    Okay, here is my of my favorite versus in the bible that contains the word “prayer.”

    “Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is that they may be saved.” Romans 10:1 NKJV

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