A Busy Day With Food Storage

I accomplished quite a few things this morning before 9 am and they all dealt with food storage: yogurt, bread, jello, whipped topping, and chocolate Morning Moos milk. 

First let’s look at yogurt. Back on April 13th, I wrote a section about making yogurt from food storage. If you go back to that post and scroll down to Making Yogurt, you’ll see links to web pages I used for research. Last week I had tried to make yogurt, but I didn’t following the last instruction properly and my yogurt didn’t setup. So this morning I tried it again. I will tell you ahead of time that it does take quite a few hours to make the yogurt, but if you plan it right you can do it on a day when you’re home.

I think once you take a look at my yogurt comparison calculations, you’ll see that this just might be something you’ll want to do to save some money too.

*(Updated 05/17/11 to include use of extra powdered milk with fresh milk recipe that was left out in the original calculations)

Here is a review of the cost comparisons that resulted from my calculations:

    • Activia yogurt from Costco = $3.71/quart
    • Yogurt made from Augason Farms 100% instant powdered milk = $1.90/quart
    • Yogurt made from Walmart brand instant powdered milk = $1.80/quart
    • Yogurt made from fresh non-fat milk  = $1.47/quart

The yogurt I made this morning will cost me $1.80/quart because I used the Walmart brand of instant powdered milk. And I ended up with 6 pint jars of yogurt (I wish our cousin Debbie lived closer so I could take some over to her!) Not sure if we’ll actually be able to eat all that yogurt before its “best used by date”. But according to Crystal’s handout from everdayfoodstorage.net, it should last 10-21 days in the fridge at 40 degrees. We keep our fridge at 34 degrees, so maybe I’ll be able to stretch this to the 21 day mark.

I think next time, I’ll only make a half a batch and use fresh non-fat milk (until TF-WROL of course). 


The experimenting continues…
Last week while I was making a batch of bread, I decided to make bread mixes while I had the ingredients out. If you watched Crystal’s videos on bread making over on everdayfoodstorage YouTube channel, you’ll see that’s a tip from her. She makes enough bread mixes for a month. I made five batches (minus the yeast, vinegar and water) and put them into ziploc bags… four white and one wheat. Today, I grabbed the bag of wheat, mixed in the three ingredients I left out and began kneading it.

I’m not quite sure what happened, but it seemed a lot wetter that the past batches. Maybe I miss counted the flour when I was adding it to the bag? I didn’t have anymore wheat flour opened so I had to open the Wheat Montana flour that we bought Saturday at the Walmart in St. George. I kept adding flour as I was kneading it, but it was still pretty sticky when I finished. But I went ahead and put it in the cold oven to rise and I’ll let you know tomorrow how it turned out. Oh, and I can’t use the Sun Oven today 😦 it’s cloudy, thundering and raining here in Las Vegas… go figure!

I wanted some dessert tonight so I decided to make some jello. Now normally I would just go to the cupboard and grab the closest box of jello and make it. But with my new-found respect for food and expiration dates, I went for the jello with the closest expiration date. It happened to be orange jello, which is fine with me because I’ve been craving orange jello since we had it at Bernice & Daniel’s house on Saturday night. She put mandarin orange slices in it and it was fantastic. I sure wish I’d bought mandarin oranges last week when Walgreens had a coupon for them. Oh well, I have never used them before and couldn’t see buying them unless I had a recipe for them. Well, I do now, so I’ll get them the next time they are on sale.


Okay, where was I… oh yes, orange jello. I decided that I’d put it in a mason jar because it starts with boiling water. I put the 1/2 cup boiling water into the mason jar, added the jello and mixed until it was dissolved. Then I added the cold water, mixed it a bit, sealed it with a plastic mason jar lid. (I really do like this lids, I’m going to have to buy some more!) And it looks like there is plenty of room for fruit if I wanted to add some. I have a question… when do you add fruit to jello? Right away, or after it’s set for a while?

Now that I have jello, I must have whipped topping. So I went on a search for information about making whipped topping from powdered milk. And I wanted to make it by hand in my Kitchen Plus! Would it work?!? Let’s see what happened.


I found a recipe on the back of one of the powdered milk boxes. (I’ve found a better recipe since then and I’ll post that one the next time I make whipped topping.) I put the ingredients into the Kitchen Plus and started turning the handle… for 5 minutes (yes, it was a work out but fun for me!) Then I added the vanilla and started turning the handle again… then added the sugar and turned the handle some more. Wow… it tasted really nice but was a little warm? And yes, it did thicken up. Not quite as much as I would have liked, but it will work for now. So I put it in the fridge so it will be cold for dessert later.

(Okay that was a mistake… I mean putting it in the fridge… I guess I didn’t read the part about using it immediately! I just checked it and it’s all soupy again. LOL! Aren’t you happy I’m making all the mistakes for you!)

There are two new recipes for whipped topping I’m going to try in the future. The first is of course from Crystal’s everydayfood storage website. And then I found this recipe on eHow that uses cold water and no gelatin.

While at Walmart in St. George on Saturday, dear hubby put a can of Morning Moos chocolate milk into the cart. 🙂 So today I made up a quart for him in the handy-dandy plastic pitcher/mixer that I got at the thrift store for under $2 (Joel recently found one in a a catalog for over $8.) The chocolate milk is chilling in the fridge. I don’t know if we’ll ever buy it again because it does have a lot of sugar in it and it’s not real milk, it’s an alternative milk product. But, what the heck, we’ll try it.


That was a really long post, but I guess that’s because I got a lot done today. Now it’s time to go relax for a while before I have to start thinking about dinner. Which I think will be hamburger pie tonight, using some of the food storage items we picked up on Saturday like cauliflower and green beans.

Have a great evening and see you tomorrow!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <><
Did you know that the word “milk” occurs 51 times in 50 verses in the NKJV!

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2 Responses to A Busy Day With Food Storage

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  2. Shirley says:

    I just wanted to make a comment about Augason Farm’s Spiff-E-Whip. I made a batch of whipped topping using this. Quick, easy, and quite tasty. But I had a good bit left over from the batch I made using the instructions on the can. So, I stuck it in the fridge. Oh my! I grabbed a spoon this morning (it was in there overnight) to sneak a bite, and it had the consistency of shortening! I spit it out…and being a sugarholic, it takes a lot for me to spit out something sweet. LOL! I think the product might be OK as long as one makes it in small batches where there are no leftovers. But given what happened to it in the fridge, I’m not sure it’s good for our arteries. Anyway, interesting article.

    I was wondering also how you like the Kitchen Plus. I’ve been eying something like that to have in our food storage supplies.

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