Inventory and Best Prices Worksheets

Awhile back, when I was blogging about a shopping trip to Costco, I told you I was working on a new project. I must admit I’m love “data” so much that my new project was to put together two spreadsheets that help keep me organized and are chocked full of the data I love so much 🙂

The first spreadsheet is called “Bobrosky Food Storage” and it’s a complete (or almost complete) inventory of all our food storage. It includes locations, expirations, buy dates, and buy prices. Here’s a sample page from my current file: Bobrosky Food Storage. (If you right click on the file, after you open it, you can rotate it clockwise to read it easier.)

The things I like the most about this spreadsheet is that I can sort by every column. So if I want to get a list of things expiring first, I can sort by that column and try to come up with meals to use those items so they don’t get wasted. I also added a total cell so I can see how much my food storage is worth or more accurately… the total I actually paid for all our food storage. (It’s on another page, so you can’t see it in this example.) Some of the items don’t have buy dates or buy prices next to them because they are items we already had in the cupboards when I started the spreadsheet.

I can also check the spreadsheet for the number of items I have in stock. For example, if there is a sale on cereal, I can check to see how many boxes I have. If the number is too high, I can skip the sale and wait for the next one. Or I can buy the cereal and donate it the church food box, or rotate some of my stock out and give it to the church food box.

The second spreadsheet is called “Best Prices on Grocery Items” and it’s a running list of the best prices I’ve paid for food items since I’ve started tracking them. (I might have to change the name because I’ve added things like batteries to it recently). As soon as I get it finished and updated, I’ll put it under a tab at the top of my blog. That way it will be easy to refer to if you’d like to compare your pricing on an item.

I know this is a short post today, but I’ve got to run to the store and have them pay me to take some more pasta home! See yesterday’s post about couponing if you’re wondering what in the world I’m talking about. 🙂

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“And the man, wondering at her, remained silent so as to know whether the LORD had made his journey prosperous or not.” – Genesis 24:21 NKJV

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One Response to Inventory and Best Prices Worksheets

  1. cartrie says:

    great spreadsheet i need to learn how to do a spreadsheet

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