Food Storage Racks

Remember this picture at the end of my post back on April 19th? It’s our first food storage shelf. We had just started to fill it up.

You can probably guess, with all the food storage purchases we’ve been making lately, that eventually our first rack would be full. You’d be guessing right! I had actually ran out of room on the shelves and was starting to stack items on the second refrigerator in our kitchen.

I decided that if we cleared out the stuff in the hallway between the kitchen and the dining room, we would have room for two shelves. Originally we had our recycle bins, a step stool and some boxes in this area. Across from these bare walls are two sets of pantry cabinets that are also full of food storage, bakeware, Joel’s lunch goodies, glassware and pressure canning equipment.

Here is a link to the shelves that Joel bought at Lowe’s. They are plastic and really easy to put together with a rubber mallet. And they fit perfectly in the hallway, one on each side of the separator wall. And the shelves don’t cover up the two light switches on the walls, which is really nice too.

At first, I wish they had been a little taller, but after I put all the items on them, I liked that I won’t need a step stool to get things off the top shelf. 🙂

Here are the shelves full of food storage (already!) but I do have more room if I stack items. The #10 cans fit on these shelves very nicely, even stacked two high. The description on the internet for the shelves state that each shelf can hold up to 75 lbs. I think that’s great for plastic shelving! They also have holes on the back of each shelf so they can be secured to the wall. We won’t do that in this house, but if we ever move to Montana, we definitely will secure them.

The cabinets opposite the shelves can still be opened without hitting the shelves. Not quite enough room though to walk past them when the cabinet doors are fully opened, but that’s okay.

And here is a little closer shot of the items on the shelves and you can see the light switch too. I don’t think I’ll leave the empty canning jars on the top shelf. I’m thinking I’ll move them to another cabinet. I remembered that there is an electrical outlet on that wall. I’m thinking it would be nice to have the food saver on that shelf with all the items that I open and vacuum seal often like crackers, cookies and the items for baking bread. 

Earlier, I mentioned moving to Montana. If we do ever move there…… I want a house that has a basement that has a nice sized room for food storage. I’d like to have the items organized in one place instead of all over my house. It isn’t really stored all over the house (yet!), but I sure could use some more shelves. The only alternate right now is to “transform” our dining room into a “very large” pantry. We’ve lived in this house over six years  and we’ve only used the dining room four or five times (am I right honey?). I’d much rather “use” it for food storage… but then what would I do with the beautiful dining room set with sideboards and a hutch?!? Sure wish my son or my niece lived in a bigger place with a dining room so I could give it to them.

“Cast out the scoffer, and contention will leave; Yes, strife and reproach will cease.” – Proverbs 22:10 NKJV

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