Shopping, Walgreens, 06/22/11

It will be very interesting in months from now to see how prices have changed. I’m already seeing changes in milk. Hubby remembers last year that a gallon of milk at our local chain was only about $1.99/gallon. Our latest weekly ad shows that it’s now up to $2.69 at the same store!

I did some cost comparisons on our first purchases of Country Fresh powdered milk and it looks like soon it will be cheaper to start using our stored powdered milk than to buy it at the store. Of course the price of the powdered milk has gone up too. But I’m thinking if I keep buying the powdered milk, by the time we use it, it will continue to be less than what is in the store.

I’ll keep you posted on that, but for now, let’s talk about our purchases from Walgreens last night. I couldn’t go because I’m having some issues with my shoulder, and I’m hoping I can get this blog post done before the ache gets too bad. Here is a picture of what hubby bought last night. It doesn’t include the hot/cold compress or sling that he bought for our first-aid kit.

The items include:

  • (3) boxes of 75 sq ft of wax paper, $0.89 ea
  • (2) dozen eggs, $0.99 ea
  • (4) 11 oz cans of mandarin oranges, $0.50 ea (SCORE!)
  • (1) 1.41 oz orange jello, $0.19 ea (SCORE, but need to get more tonight!)
  • (4) 2.8 oz deodorant, $0.99 ea
  • (3) 12 oz canned ham, $1.99 ea
  • (2) 16 oz dry roasted peanuts, $2.00 ea
  • (4) cans of shaving creme, $0.99 ea
  • (2) 80 sheet boxes of kleenex, $1.14 ea
  • (1) hot/cold compress, $13.99 ea
  • (1) sling, $9.99 ea (on sale)

Oh, and he also got a package of 12 oz plastic cups ($5.00) that we’ll be using as wicking cups for our self-watering garden buckets.

TOTAL including tax: $91.24
WAGS coupons savings: $23.35
WAGS advertised savings: $8.50
TOTAL spent: $59.39
SAVINGS percentage: 34.9%

Not bad considering we didn’t use any manufacturers coupons. I have tons saved up but haven’t been able to get to clipping them. But just goes to show you that you can still save some money by watching the Walgreens and CVS weekly flyers. And the $31.85 we saved can be spent on our shopping trips tonight. We plan on hitting Smiths, CVS and Walgreens.

And here is how I plan on using some of the food items for food storage:

  • Mandarin oranges and orange jello for desserts (thanks Bernice for the idea!)
  • Canned hams for a monthly ham dinner. The have a very long shelf life (2015) so they are perfect for long term food storage. I plan on storing at least a dozen or more of these.
  • The eggs will be used for testing in the solar oven. I saw a video that mentioned you can put them in the cartons in the solar oven for about 30 minutes and make the perfect hard boiled egg. Which reminds me… time to put those little guys in the solar oven….
  • Dry roasted peanuts can be used for a snack or added to coleslaw.

“But when he had spent all, there arose a severe famine in that land,
and he began to be in want.” – Luke 15:14 NKJV

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