Lack of posts

Good morning readers! I want to take a minute to explain the lack in posts lately. First there was “getting ready for vacation”, then there was “vacation” and through all that I was suffering from a painful shoulder problem. It makes it really hard to do anything including using the keyboard to type.

I visited the doctor yesterday and it seems I have a case of tendonitis. Hopefully I will begin to recover soon because I really miss blogging and prepping! I have so many pictures to show you of the things we bought on vacation. Yep, I still prepped while I was on vacation because the places we visited had all the great prep stores like Wheat Montana (Three Forks, MT), Ace Hardware (Bozeman, MT) and Emergency Essentials (Orem, UT). I was even able to pick up some great deals at a Walgreens (Idaho Falls, ID) and a Walmart (Orem, UT)! I would have liked to have visited Thrive and Augason Farms too, but they were a little more out of the way or we ran out of time to stop and money to spend.

So, until I can sit at the keyboard for more than a few minutes without pain, I won’t be posting. For now, I’m trying to write down all the ideas of things I want to do for this project as soon as I’m better. And believe me the list is LONG and includes fun things like making homemade mozzarella cheese, canning bacon, and finally using the Volcano and StoveTec to do some real cooking!!!

Hope all is well with each and everyone of you! And until I return, please stop by and visit some of my favorite YouTube preppers channels:

Tamara <><

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One Response to Lack of posts

  1. Mom says:

    I hope you get well soon. I miss your wonderful posts.

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