Prepping on Vacation

Yes, I did! I have to admit that I thought about prepping while on vacation and went shopping. But it made sense since we’d be passing through Utah which has so so many food storage retail locations. And our final stop in Montana had items that we couldn’t purchase locally or they were priced lower than local stores. So let’s get started and show you what we purchased at each location we visited.

07/05/2011, Costco, Bozeman, MT
(2) Busy Bee honey, 6 lbs ea – $13.99 ea
(4) Light brown sugar, 4 lbs ea – $3.39 ea


07/05/11, Lowe’s, Bozeman, MT
(3) buckets, 5 gal ea – $2.70 ea
(3) lids – $ 1.20 ea
(1) fertilizer, 10 lb – $10.47
We also picked up a bottle of BBQ sauce, but I forgot to put it in the picture.


07/06/11, Wheat Montana, Three Forks, MT
(3) Organic Prarie Gold wheat, 50 lbs ea
(1) Prarie Gold Premium flour, 50 lbs
Total spent: $80.40


07/06/11, Ace Hardware, Bozeman, MT
(2) cases of 1/2 gal mason jars – $11.99 ea
(1) Weston Multi-grain & cereal grinder – $49.99
(2) wide-mouth white jar lids – $4.29 ea


07/07/11, J&V Restaurant Supply, Bozeman, MT
(1) 8 oz squeeze bottle – $1.02
(1) 4 qt storage container – $4.65
(1) 4 qt storage lid – $1.40
(1) 12″ pizza screen – $5.40


07/10/11, Walgreens, Idaho Falls, ID
(6) 14 oz Comet cleanser – $0.50 ea
(1) notebook – $0.69 ea
(4) 4 oz canned mushrooms – $0.50 ea
(2) Smart Balance butter spread – $2.00 ea
(2) canned crab meat – $1.50 ea
(2) canned tiny shrimp – $1.50 ea
(3) Nips coffee candy drops – $0.66 ea


07/11/11, Walmart, Orem UT
(3) Country Fresh powdered milk – $ 9.38 ea
(1) biscuit mix – $7.64
(1) Spiff-E-Whip – $5.68
(1) flaxseed – $12.47
(1) butter powder – $19.98


07/11/11, Emergency Essentials, Orem, UT
(3) 6 gal buckets with lid – $6.50 ea
(1) regular oats bucket – $22.50
(2) P38 can openers – $0.50 ea
(1) Cooking With Home Storage book – $11.99
(1) Volcano Stove Kevlar lid – $24.95
(1) plastic bucket opener – $1.95
(1) white Gamma seal lid – $5.99
(1) Fired Up – $9.99


Whew! That was a lot of shopping! And you should have seen how full the mini-van was with all these purchases AND our two dogs AND our luggage! But I’m excited to start using and experimenting with the grain mill, Fired Up, food storage cookbook, and Kevlar lid for Volcano stove.

A couple of notes here…. Hubby wanted to get the wheat and flour in buckets right away, so we started filling the buckets… but when you do it, remember that the wheat comes out of the bag very fast! If you’re not careful you’ll end up with a mess of wheat on your floor.

Also, if you’re going to use a Gamma Lid… put it on first before you fill the bucket…. otherwise you’ll have a second mess to clean up. Every time hubby would hit the seal, the wheat would jump out of the bucket and onto the floor.


We used (3) 6 gallon buckets to store the 150 lbs of wheat and we still had enough left over to fill up (2) 1 gallon Ziploc bags (which I put in the freezer for now). One of the buckets has a Gamma lid, the others have the regular lids. We also used (2) 5 gallon buckets with Gamma lids for the 50 lbs of wheat flour.


WHERE DID I STORE ALL OF THESE NEW ITEMS? Well, do you remember the picture of our first food storage rack?

That was taken on April 18th. After three months of shopping
and a little rearranging this is what it looks like today.

You’ll see the buckets of flour and wheat on the left. The two Gamma Vaults to the right of the buckets are used to store rice and white flour. (If I had to do it over, I’d put the wheat in a gamma vault and put the white flour in a bucket.) The metal rack is now used to store cereal, canned meat & peanut butter, soups & vegetables, fruit juices and soda. You may see a small bucket against the back wall in front of the metal rack, that’s the bucket of rolled oats. And If you look on the wall between the buckets and the shelf, you’ll notice a clipboard. That is where I’m going to keep my inventory list as soon as I get it completely up to date.

I still needed some more room for the #10 cans that I purchased because I ran out of room on the tan shelves that we installed in the pantry hallway. So I looked around my house. And guess what I found!?!?

 Do you see the little cubbie hole above the TV? It’s really really big! And look how many #10 cans I can fit in that area!

I can make four rows of nine cans three times. That’s 108 #10 cans in a space that was otherwise wasted in my house. I’m actually only going to put in three rows of cans. Then I’ll cover the area with a spring rod and curtain. I’ll put the three deco items back in front of the curtain and no one will ever know that I’m using it for food storage.

We have another cubbie hole, but a little smaller in our master bedroom. I’m going to use a second spring rod and a curtain to hide the storage of paper towels and bathroom tissue.

I think things are really starting to come together. Now if I can just get my shoulder healed, I can really get to work! 🙂

Oh, I almost forgot… my wonderful mother sent me my grandmother’s cast iron frying pan and lid!!! I so love that frying pan. I will use it often and remember my sweet grandmother every time I use it!


“With Him, have you spread out the skies, Strong as a cast metal mirror?”
Job 37:18 NKJV

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3 Responses to Prepping on Vacation

  1. Mom says:

    What a great use of wasted space and hiding it with the tension rod and curtain is pure genious!

  2. Hernandez says:

    The Costco in Las Vegas on Martin Luther King is a business center & carries lots of restaurant, hotel stuff that is not available at the reg. Costco like the piza screen & plastic storage container. They also have a great handle held can opener for #10 cans. And bulk food not available at other costco. Next time your in Orem or surrounding areas check out Macey’s grocery store they carry food storage items. They have sales in August & a few more times a year with their case lot sales. Oh the pizza screen can also be used in a wet canner since they come in different sizes. Make sure your bucketx are food grade. Also Winco Foods in Orem carries food storage items, bulk spices, buckets etc. I enjoy your blog. Keep up the great work & hope your should heals soon.

  3. GrammyTammi says:

    @Hernandez, thanks for the tip on the Costco at MLK. I haven’t been to that one since the construction in that area. And yes, I wanted to visit Macey’s in UT but ran out of time and money. I will make sure we have more of both next time! Thanks for reading, and the well wishes for my shoulder.

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