Reuse Jars & Cans for Vacuum Sealing

A few days ago I saw this great video from imstillworkin. She showed us that there are a couple of different can sizes that can be reused with canning jar lids and a vacuum sealer. Go on over to her channel and check out the video here. Then come back here and see what else I discovered.

Let me back up a bit so you can get the whole story. Recently I started driving again and was able to run some errands. I stopped by a Savers discount store and picked up about eight used mason jars. The prices ranged from .49 to .99 (hey, when did used mason jars get so expensive in the thrift stores!!!).

Then I walked down to the 99 cent store to see if I could get anything for my preps. The picture to the left shows my haul. I purchased the following:

  • (4) 50 count boxes of snack bags for .99 ea
  • (3) boxes of baking soda for .59 ea
  • (4) packages of angel hair pasta for .29 ea
  • (5) jars of sauerkraut for .99 ea
  • (3) containers of sliced dehydrated garlic for .99 ea
  • (5) bottles of my favorite taco sauce for .99 ea

The total with tax was $21.32, not bad for that amount of food. And all the best buy dates are at least a year or more away.

When hubby heard about the sauerkraut he was really happy. How could I be married to him for 11 years and not know that he likes sauerkraut?!? He does! And that was good because I’d planned to make a one pot meal with dehydrated potatoes, canned corn, the sauerkraut, the garlic, and a horseshoe-shaped smoked sausage that I had in the freezer. (Sowwy, I forgot to take a picture!)

When I got done making dinner, hubby asked if I wanted to save the glass sauerkraut jar. (He’s learning!) I said, “Yes, I might be able to vacuum seal something in it.” After I said yes, I was wondering if there would be a residual sauerkraut smell in the jar and was it really worth it to keep it. It’s now washed and I don’t think it has an after smell but we’ll see. (Question: does anyone know how to get the pickel smell out of jars?)

But the part I wanted to tell you the most, is that a regular mouth canning jar lid fits perfectly on the sauerkraut jar!!! So now I don’t have to use a canister to seal the jar with the original lid. I can just pop on a canning jar lid, hook it up to the regular mouth attachment and I’ll have a vacuum sealed jar. (Yes, since I blogged last, I’ve purchased a new vacuum sealer and the regular mouth jar attachment. They are both great additions to my prepping equipment. Oh, and the old vacuum sealer…. I gave it to SIL as a gift! I like being able to pay-it-forward!)

What did I learn in this whole process, besides the vacuum sealing trick? I learned that when I shop for my preps, I’ll need to have a regular mouth and wide mouth canning jar lid in my purse. This way I can buy products in jars/cans that I may be able to use again in vacuum sealing.  And another thing, I just realized that the .99 I spent on the sauerkraut was a better deal than the .99 I spent on the used mason jar. At least the sauerkraut jar had something in it I could eat! LOL!

Then Jehoiada the priest took a chest, bored a hole in its lid,
and set it beside the altar,
on the right side as one comes into the house of the LORD;
and the priests who kept the door
put there all the money brought into the house of the LORD.

2Kings 12:9 NKJV 



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