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Hi everyone! I hope this post finds all my readers enjoying the cooler weather! My shoulder is getting better and I’m still not totally myself, but all the prayers are being heard and I know the Lord is healing me.

I just wanted to leave a quick post to tell you about a new program that I found for storing my recipes. During the past year, I was using an online website to enter and store my recipes. The cost was about $40/year. SIL and I were texting one day and she asked me if there was a program that we could buy instead of spending that amount of money every year.

I hadn’t done any research on the subject for quite a while, and to be honest, I was not very satisfied with anything I’d seen/purchased in the past…. and then…. I found Living Cookbook 2011!!!

Wow, this program has everything! In a previous decade I was a self-proclaimed programmer and I know what it takes to program something as in-depth as Living Cookbook 2011. I still haven’t uncovered all the great tools/features that this software has and I find something new everyday. And the best part… it’s on sale now for $34.95!!! That’s a $20 savings from the retail price. That’s less than the yearly subscription for the online program I use. And… and… and… you can get a 30-day trial version before you buy!!!

I could go on and on about this software, like how great it is at tracking recipes, cookbooks, meal plans (complete with calendar), menus, ingredients, inventory and shopping lists. But I’ll send you to the website so you can take a look at all the info and reviews there. So head over to LivingCookbook and check it out! Believe me, I have NEVER seen a cookbook program that offers this much!

For this is My blood of the new covenant,
which is shed for many for the remission of sins.

Mat 26:28 NKJV

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7 Responses to Living Cookbook

  1. GG Bev says:

    Would this program (LivingCookbook) be user friendly for those of us who are computer challenged? Thanks.

  2. GrammyTammi says:

    I think it’s easy to use. You can always install the free trial and see if it will be easy how it works.

  3. jj says:

    I am suspicious of storing my recipes anywhere but in real books and cards in my kitchen. Too many times, the power has gone out, and I have made supper on my camp stove or barbeque…Even if I did use something like this, I would keep my absolute favorite recipes printed out or written down somewhere…

    • GrammyTammi says:

      That reminds me of another great feature of the software…you can make a printed cookbook. And I plan on making one for my food storage recipes as soon as I get them all entered and tested. And then I’ll use the inventory feature to make sure that my food storage items are what I need for a 1 year supply!

  4. Candice Turner says:

    Could you please tell me long your ganola last for long term food storage

    This is one item all kids will eat

    Thank you

    • GrammyTammi says:

      Hi Candice,
      I’m not sure how long the granola lasts because it goes pretty quickly around here. I’ll try to do some testing and write a post on the results. Thanks for the question, I’m sure others have the same question. 🙂

      T <

  5. Mrs C says:

    This looks wonderful! I never even knew such a thing existed. Thanks for the information, I will definitely check it out!

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