Smart Phones and Prepping

I can’t tell you how excited and pleased I am that my husband bought me a smart phone for Christmas. Yes, it came early for me this year and I’m glad it did! I found and downloaded a few apps that are really helping me get my food storage organized and I wanted to take a minute to tell you about them.

First, let’s talk about the phone…. it’s a Samsung Stratosphere… so it’s also called an Android phone. I know, I know, a lot of techie jargon. But some people like to know.

Now, let’s talk about the apps that I’ve downloaded. The first is called Inventory Droid. It wasn’t a free app, it cost $4.99 but it is well worth it. It’s main functionality is to keep track of inventory… any kind of inventory… not just food. And you can have several accounts on your phone so you could have one for food storage and one for your major appliances or other major purchases. There are three features I like the best about the app: 1) the ability to customize and add fields to the database, 2) the barcode scanner, 3) a desktop app that let’s you edit your inventory on a regular computer with a normal keyboard. Here is the link to the website where you can find out more about this great tool. Or you can go to the Market app on your Android smart phone and search for it there. Sorry, I don’t think it works on the iPhone.

I’ve spent a few days playing with the import/export/backup features of the software because I needed to find a way to get my current spreadsheet inventory into the Inventory Droid app on the phone. Late last night I finally figured it out and now I can move files to my computer, edit them, and then move them back to the phone app. The reason I want the inventory on the phone, is so that I can have it with me while I’m out and about. If I find something on sale, I can check my inventory and see if I need it.

Which brings me to the other app I like on the smart phone…. the internet browser!!! I don’t know if I ever told you, but I signed up for a website called Deals to Meals. It’s a great service… they look over all the store ads in your state and give you lists of items that are cheaper than Costco, Walmart or Sams Club. They also create a meal plan every week with some great recipes. SIL showed it to me a few months back and I’ve been very happy with the service. So to make a long story short… I was at Albertson’s the other day and figured I’d see if I could use the internet browser to login to Deals to Meals to see if the store had any items I should pick up. Well! Let me tell you, it was the coolest thing I think I’ve ever done! The website popped up, I logged in, clicked the Albertson’s button, and there it was… the list of all the items on sale.

And here’s what I purchased, all for only $29.23:

  • Six 3-liter bottles of Arrowhead water @ .50 ea (SALE)
  • Eight cans tomato soup @ .50 ea (SALE)
  • Eight cans chicken noodle soup @ .50 ea (SALE)
  • Four cans Hunts pasta sauce @ $1.25 ea (SALE)
  • One container of Bar Keepers Friend @ $2.99 (not on sale, but I needed it)
  • Two containers of black pepper @ $3.00 ea (not on sale, but I needed them)
  • Three bags of Wavy Lays potato chips @ $2.00 ea (I had a coupon)

Now I must go and scan the bar codes so I can enter the items into my food storage inventory using my new smart phone app 🙂

 “For there is born to you this day
in the city of David a Savior,
who is Christ the Lord.”
Luke 2:11 NKJV

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