Peas & Carrots

Frozen vegetables have been reasonably priced lately at my local Smith’s grocery store… $1/bag. So I picked up a bunch of bags for dehydrating.

My first dehydrated frozen vegetable was corn and it turned out great, but I was having a problem with the little dehydrated kernels falling through my dehydrator trays. I was looking through the current Emergency Essentials catalog and noticed they had something called clean-a-screen that would fit my dehydrator. They come in a two pack for $5.95 so I purchased three sets for my six trays.

They arrived a couple of days ago, so I decided to give them a try with the packages of frozen peas & carrots that I need to dehydrate to make room in my tiny freezer for all the meat that I’ve been buying on sale. I had five packages and they almost fit onto five trays, but they were a little more crowded than I like. I’ll remember next time to put a little from each package onto the last tray.

I started them in the morning and rotated the trays (bottom to top) once. They were ready just after dinner and I left them in the trays over night to cool. After church this morning “we” (mostly hubby) put them into a mason jar. Oh, and I have a neat way of getting them into the jar without spilling them all over the place. I put my canning funnel on the jar, then I put my tray on top of the funnel with the center hole over the top of the funnel. Then I just push the dehydrated vegetables into the center hole and they fall nicely into the jar. (Wish I’d taken a picture with the tray onto of the funnel…maybe I’ll snap that shot next time for you.)

All five bags fit nicely into one jar. And the jar… it’s a recycled one from the Classico pasta sauce that I buy at Costco. It’s the size of a quart mason jar. And as you can see in the picture to the left, I used my regular mouth mason jar attachment to vacuum seal it. I did not use the lid that came with the jar, I used a regular mason jar metal lid that was also recycled from an earlier canning session. Don’t throw away your used mason jar lids. Put them in an old #10 can and save them for vacuum sealing!

Now I have dehydrated peas & carrots, celery, green beans, corn, red & green bell peppers and of course chopped onion. With all those vegetables ready to be used, it’s time to experiment with soup for hubbies lunch. I plan on doing the same type of thing that BexarPrepper does in her video Food Storage – Ramon Noodles. In her video she states that she doesn’t use the dehydrated corn, green beans or peas…. but that’s only because they don’t rehydrate at the same rate the noodles cook. But hubby has a microwave at work, so I’ll have him cook the veggies first and then cook the noodles. I’ll try to report back on cooking times when I get it all figured out.

The waters harden like stone,
And the surface of the deep is frozen.
Job 38:30 (NKJV)

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1 Response to Peas & Carrots

  1. Mrs C says:

    I love these. I borrow them from my neighbor when I dehydrate things….I didn’t realize they are so cheap!! (never looked) I will have to go find some for my trays.

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