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Spice Rack Reorg and Recycled Containers

After making my first batch of homemade taco seasoning the other day, I started to put the spices back into my under-the-stairs closet pantry. As I  stood there with the numerous containers of spices in my arms, I realized that … Continue reading

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Taco Seasoning Mix and Lime Salted Chips

Lately I’ve been interested in saving money by trying to learn how to make my own dry mixes at home. I used to think that the packaged mixes sold at the store were the creations of genius master chefs, hidden away … Continue reading

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Homemade Cardboard Can Rotator

There are a lot of different designs on the internet for making your own can rotator out of cardboard. Below are links to the ones that I’ve found. using soda can boxes – Katzcradul and Prepper A using two soda can … Continue reading

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