This is a list of breakfast ideas and whether or not they have been tested with food storage items. Once they have been tested, each will be linked to a post with the recipe.

** Eight ounces of juice will be served with each breakfast. We include grape, apple and cranberry juices in food storage. I usually water it down because it seems to rich for me right out of the bottle. When a juice bottle is empty we reuse it to store water.

  1. Egg & cheese w/bacon burritos (untested)
       Home canned: cheese (cheese wax?), bacon
       Homemade: flour tortillas
    Augason Farms: scrambled eggs or whole eggs
       Essential Food Storage: freeze-dried cheese?
  2. Cereal w/powdered milk (PASSED TEST)
    We’ll be using boxed cereal and Country Fresh non-fat instant milk from Augason Farms. Their freeze-dried fruits are good on the cereal too!
  3. Pancakes w/bacon and fruit (untested)
  4. Waffles w/sausage (untested)
  5. Bagels w/cream cheese (untested)
  6. Yogurt with strawberries (PASSED TEST)
    We’ll be using Crystal Godfrey’s recipe for making yogurt from non-fat powdered milk, and topping each serving with Augason Farms freeze-dried whole strawberries that have been crushed by hand or in a food processor.
  7. French Toast w/syrup (untested)
  8. ?????

2 Responses to Breakfasts

  1. SIL says:

    I guess we’ll be testing the waffles soon 🙂 I cant wait to put my powdered butter to the test, I know eggs will work great, oh and number 5 ??? you can put bagels

    • GrammyTammi says:

      I added bagels and cream cheese to #5 because I know we can make cream cheese from powdered milk. And I had totally forgotten about these pages. I guess we can start using these pages to record our weekly challenge results. 🙂

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