Scenario Rules

Due to my shoulder injury,
Part two (TF-WROL) of my food storage journey
is on hold until I have fully recovered.

I will update this page with new dates as soon as I’m able
to schedule a new date for part two.

Thank you for sticking with me!

Scenario rules for part two (TF-WROL) of My Food Storage Journey

  • Part two, know as TF-WROL of my food storage journey will only include “food”. The rest of our lives, including bathing, washing clothes, driving and working will remain normal.
  • Pets and their food and water will not be included.
  • Our only source of food will be what has been stored in the pantry (or what we may be able to grow in the backyard). All food will be inventoried and reported in a post on 09/24/11. Weekly food updates will also be posted.
  • The kitchen stove/oven will only be used to preserve food to replenish food storage used during the six-month test period. Therefore, all food preserved during that time will not be available for use until after 03/25/12 and will be kept in a separate location.
  • Water for food preparation and drinking will come only from what has been stored in our house and will be inventoried and recorded in a post.
    (We can add any water we gather during a rainstorm. But this is the desert, it doesn’t rain here so I’m not counting on anything substantial.)
    (UPDATED 05/08/11: Water for everyday drinking WILL NOT be included in this experiment.)
  • If we go out to eat, the food that would have been used for that meal will be removed from inventory, placed in a separate locaiton and will not be available for use until after 03/25/12.
  • Cooking equipment available for use during TF-WROL will include the following: 
    Global Sun Oven
    Propane BBQ with attached burner and any propane tanks onsite.
    Stove Tec biomass stove (added 05/08/11)
  • Any fuel available for cooking will be inventoried and reported the day before TF-WROL.
  • An 4.4 cu. ft. refrigerator will be the only source for cold storage. The main house refrigerators/freezers will be emptied and unplugged before 09/24/11.
    (UPDATED 05/08/11: one refrigerator for storage of non-hybrid seeds and chocolate chips may have to be used if house temperatures are not below 70 degrees on 09/25/11. As soon as the house temperature goes below 70 degrees, the refrigerator will then be emptied and unplugged until 03/25/11.)
  • No other major kitchen appliances will be used for daily meal preparation including stove, oven, microwave and toaster oven.
  • If I can find a local source for milk, eggs or vegetables, this will be reported in a post along with the details of any trading or bartering.
  • Holiday and vacation meals will not be excluded from TF-WROL.

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